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Avd The Ã'ora n 124
30009 the Albatalia / Murcia
Tel 968 296654
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Contact information


Open company since 2004. We find our business hours and on the phone

(+34) 968 296654 Y (+34) 610798533.


Address FerreHogar
La Ñora nº12430009 Avenue Albatalia MurciaTeléfono The Customer Care 968 29 66 54whatsapp 610798533whatsapp.jpgEmail:
Phone +34 968 29 66 54
Manager Maria de los Angeles Diaz Manzano ES34810502W

Location Shop in Murcia


The Albatalia store located in a district of Murcia, we are specialized in store equipment for outdoor activities, camping, outdoor, trekking, bushcraft, and backpacking trips.

Now you can save the postage by collecting your order at our store.

Thus, you can buy comfortably from home and pick up your purchase at our store Murcia.

Avd The Ã'ora n 124

the Albatalia / Murcia

Cp 30009


Of 9:30 a 14:00 Y 16:00 a 19:00 (From Monday to Friday)

Of 9:30 a 13:00 (Saturdays)

Saturdays of July and August, closed.

Phone: (+34) 968 29 66 54

(+34) 610 79 85 33


Latitude: 37.98795640650928 (37º 59 '16.64 "N)

Length: -1.1561012932445465 (1º 9′ 21.96″ W)

stay informed

National Geographic Institute

The Web Portal of the National Geographic Institute is informative and guidance purposes, and it intends to make available to any interested user data, Applications, services and geographical resources.

Wikiloc – GPS trails and points of interest of the world

Wikiloc for iPhone & Android. Create your own GPS routes with your smartphone and upload them directly and easiest way to Wikiloc. free offline maps for your outdoor adventures.

satellite maps

AA Route Planner – Plan the Best Route for Your Trip.

The Blue Planet – big cats –

The Blue Planet – big cats, The online Blue Planet, full and free A la Carte. The programs all online blue planet in A la Carte

Garmin | Spain | Home

Innovative cutting-edge GPS technology in various markets, including aviation, seamanship, fitness, outdoor, wellness and mobile applications.

OBESITY – Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing

Official FEDME – Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing

GN Environment

GN Environment and Fundación Telefónica volunteers planted hundreds of trees in the Community of Madrid. October 2018.

science. and Environment

It calls to / as Licensed / as and Graduates / as Environmental Sciences of Murcia to the Constituent Assembly of the Professional Association of Environmentalists of the Region of Murcia, to be held next 18 from December to 2018 to 16:00 first hours, and to the 17:00 hours on second call, in the Auditorium of the Regional Library of Murcia.

Professional Association of Graduates and Graduates in Environmental Sciences of Andalusia –

Posted Resolution 30 October 2018, Directorate General of Teachers and Human Resources Management.

New website of the State Coordinator of Environmental Sciences –

Since the State Coordinator of Environmental Sciences we have updated our website with the aim of offering a more current and useful.

Portal:Earth sciences – Wikipedia, The free encyclopedia

The Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (MTPE) It was an abrupt climate change that marked the end of the Paleocene and the beginning of the Eocene, make 55,8 años.Se million is one of the most abrupt climate changes of the Cenozoic Era, suddenly altered Oceanic and Atmospheric circulation, causing the extinction of many kinds of benthic foraminifera, Y …

ASMC – Adventure, Security, Military, Camping | ASMC – The Adventure Company

military equipment, equipping the Bundeswehr, BW Nato Online Shop, Camping – ASMC with the best prices and a wide range with more than 20.000 With…

UF PRO | Tactical Clothing for Professionals

Browse and gear up with combat uniforms, rain protection, thermal gear and every day carry tactical clothing. Find out more.

Barrabes Ski and Mountain

Useless to take a 3rd or 2nd perfect layer, if the first layer, which it is in direct contact with the body, is not appropiate. It's more, We might even say that is the most important layer, which they are the foundation of your kit.

Wind Sled: A project for the 'conquest’ scientific pole

2017: First international scientific expedition: Greenland Ice River 2017. 2016: First arrival at the Summit Greenland ice with a wind vehicle.. 2014: First circumnavigation of Greenland inside without motorized vehicles or assistance. 2012: First Antarctic expedition to reach the Geographic South Pole in a wind vehicle.

Hilo Moreno | Travel and Expeditions

Blog Explorer( The time today): Danger, cracks! So every day I protect the lives of Spanish scientists in Antarctica. I came to Antarctica, although this time I crossed the Drake Channel in less than three hours on a comfortable plane.

Ramón Larramendi – Home | Facebook

Solar energy will allow us to work in Antarctica at full capacity. Our colleague Ignacio Oficialdegui account you from Pamplona which is organizing for # AntártidaInexplorada2018. |

EITS (@angelalarconmarti) • Instagram photos and videos

105 Followers, 1,297 Following, 0 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from EITS (@angelalarconmarti)


This training is intended that students know in depth medical pathology derived from the altitude and cold, and adapting their routine medical practice to a difficult environment and lack of resources.

Master Public Relations online

Study the online Master in Public Relations CEUPE and the University Rey Juan Carlos. Specialized events, communication protocol > Live Virtual Conference > Grants of up to 65 % – Limited places > Working professionals currently working in PR and organizing international events.

Nursing care course in emergency situations on-line by San Jorge University Online – – Education, training and guidance

Course for Graduates / or graduates as / as Nursing. Through this course the student will know the basics to attend from the field of nursing to patients with urgent pathology related to different organs, devices or systems emphasizing the role of nursing and skills associated with such an approach termed “emergency”.

Environment | SPG Training courses and certificate courses

Courses téncico environment and internal environmental auditor, ISO 14001. Courses embedded systems auditor.

satellite maps

AA Route Planner – Plan the Best Route for Your Trip

FMRM – Mountaineering Federation of Murcia

Rope Maneuvers course for Mountaineers and Assurance Level I Details Published: 11 November 2018 The days 13, 15, 17 Y 18 November a call Maneuver Course String and Assurance Level will be held for Mountaineers I, organized by the EMA.

Astra Arms –

Rifle Arms Swiss firm Astra innovative manufacturing processes with a new line of rifles based platforms AR-15. They have a single system direct gas operation that eliminates the conventional operation bar normally associated with weapons of gas operation.

Operational Tactical Intervention Course • Search

Only professional course face-operational tactics based on the formation of global security as a whole. Taught at the military base El Goloso

Management Course Airport Security | morning | morning (.with)


Interview our collaborator Antonio Baquero expert weather forecast for Art of Cabañuelas

#AntonioBaqueroOlmos Cabañuelas # 2019 # # # AntonioArenas Ideal Granada is # # # Spain Cájar
This interview of journalist, Antonio Arenas, the cabañuelista Antonio Baquero Olmos, It was recorded in December 2018, in the town of Cájar, (Granada, Spain …)

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